Soap Multipack

Create your own soap multipack!

Soap Multipack


16.60EUR 11 EUR


Are you a regular user of our soaps? Did you run out of soap again? Solve this quickly and save your money, order a three soap multipack.

Compiling a package

Select the item in your shopping cart and enter the names of the three soaps in the order note box.

For our Loyal Customers, we pack soaps without a box, thus saving the environment. We include labels with usage information on the packaging.

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Soovitan! Nii head seebid, et kolme kaupa ja ilma karbita säästlik tellida.


Mulle väga meeldib, et vähem pakendit ja soodsam hind. Aga väike murekoht on ka, et minu nina isiklikult ei suutnud eristada, milline seep on meega ja milline siidiga. Võiks olla mingi numbrike või sildike seebi küljes, mis aitaks seepe eristada.