Aroma Stone Spiral

Aroma Stone brings the scents of nature to your room!

Aroma Stone Spiral




The AromaStone is designed to scent rooms, cabinets, and handbags, and is an alternative to scented candles, scented pearls, and various synthetic areosols.

Advantages of aroma stone:

* You can use natural essential oils.

* No open fire, ie no supervision required and can be used in office space;

* The fragrance intensity can be added easily by increasing the amount of essential oil;

* Can be used to scent handbags, drawers

* Aroma Stone is a small decoration element and is also suitable for the living room.

What goals does the scent not meet:

* The scent does not remove intense odors from the room

* Aroma Stone with essential oil is not suitable for intensive odor dissemination because natural oils smell more modest than synthetic ones.

Usage Directions

Drop a few drops (about 10 drops) of essential oil on your aroma stone. The oil evaporates slowly from the stone. Add the oil (a few times a week) to intensify the scent. To change the scent, wash the stone with soap and let it dry, then drip a new essential oil onto the stone. There are three shapes of aroma stone; spiral, flower and dots. The aroma stone design is handmade from clay by Estonian clay artist Kadi Hektor.

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