Rose Hydrosol

Rose is nature's superpower in a small bottle!

Rose Hydrosol

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Rose hydrosol or rose water is made from fresh rose flowers. Extracted from fresh rose petals grown in Bulgaria, the rose scent has thousands of years of history and was even used by royal families in ancient civilizations.

Today, rose water is an important ingredient in the cosmetics industry, usually as an ingredient in creams and facial cleansers. Additionally, rose water is used in aromatherapy as it has many of the same properties as essential oils.

Rose hydrosol is a skin tonic that makes the skin healthy and radiant. A light face wash with a delightfully fresh flower aroma is suitable for daily use. What makes rose water special is the fact that it is a universal skin tonic, which also has antimicrobial and skin-tightening properties. Hydrosol moisturizes and at the same time helps to maintain the skin’s moisture level, making rose water an ideal choice for dry and mature skin.

In aromatherapy, rose has both an invigorating and calming effect. The rose symbolizes love, romance, discretion and forgiveness.

Signe rose hydrosol is suitable for moisturizing the skin and hair in dry or hot seasons and for creating a refreshing mood for textiles.

Does not contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes. Packed in environmentally friendly packaging. Made from organic raw materials.

Usage Directions

Rose hydrosol can be used as follows:

* For moisturizing the face and hair in the dry winter heating period or in the hot summer

* As a facial cleanser and makeup remover

* For moistening home textiles such as bed linen and decorative pillows

* To deter insects

When spraying textiles, check that the rose water does not leave a stain.


Ingredients INCI: Rosa Damascena Flower Water**, Geraniol*, Citronellol* (naturally contained in hydrosol).

** Organic ingredient

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