Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender is nature's superpower in a small bottle!

Lavender Hydrosol

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Lavender hydrosol or lavender water is made from fresh lavender. Lavender is a member of the flowering plant family. Lavender has been used for at least 2,500 years for scenting and making perfumes.

Lavender has a very wide range of uses and is a kind of nature’s super plant. Lavender water is one of the wonderful outputs of this plant. Lavender hydrosol has a soothing and toning effect on the skin and hair. In aromatherapy, lavender is calming and induces good sleep.

Signe lavender hydrosol is suitable for moisturizing the skin and hair in dry or hot seasons and for creating a soothing mood for textiles.

Does not contain synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes. Packed in environmentally friendly packaging.

Usage Directions

Lavender hydrosol can be used as follows:

* For moisturizing the face and hair in the dry winter heating period or in the hot summer

* As a facial cleanser and makeup remover

* For moistening home textiles such as bed linen and decorative pillows

* To deter insects

When spraying textiles, check that the lavender water does not leave a stain.


Ingredients INCI: Lavandula angustifolia flower water, Linalool*, D-Limonene* (naturally contained in hydrosol).

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