Bath Foam Grapefruit

Have fun in the aromatherapy bubble bath!

Bath Foam Grapefruit

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Have you dreamed of a truly bubbling bath? This bath bomb creates naturally plentyful of bubblefoam in your bath. The pleasant freshness aroma of Grapefruit relieves mental fatigue and raises mood. Grapefruit invigorates body after a long day at work.

Usage Directions

Put the bath foam ball in the bath and let the bath fill with water. Bath foam ball dissolves and the foam rises with water. The foam amount is also suitable for a large bath.

NB! it is not a traditional bath bomb (just dissolves in bath), but a foam ball that generates a lot of foam.


Ingredients INCI: Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid (citric acid), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (natural foaming agent) citrus paradisi essential oil (grapefruit essential oil), Limonene*, (*naturally occurring in essential oil).

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