Gift Box Lavender

Lavender gift set relaxes the body and soul!

Gift Box Lavender

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A gift box Lavender is a smart way to make a valuable gift at a great price – Lip balm comes for free and you don’t have to worry about beautiful gift wrapping!

Gift Box Lavender contains following body care products:

Body Butter – Lavender Care

Lavender care is suitable for universal skin and hair care. Coconut butter with Shea butter takes care of tired and dull skin by moisturizing and nourishing. Lavender oil soothes the skin and is well suited to relieve irritation after tanning. Also suitable for hair ends and scalp care.

Lavender bath milk

Lavender fragrance contributes to a good night’s sleep and is soothing.
Milk makes bath water luxuriously soft, rich in vitamins and skin care and moisturizing agents.

Candle Lavender Dream

The scents of this candle will take you on a walk through the traditional Provence fields of France, where beautiful purple lavender fields lie between the picturesque villages and the mountains.
Lavender aroma is soothing and contributes to good sleep. Lavender has been used as a perfume for millennia, and the fragrance of the plant stirs up unpleasant scents at home.

Lip Balm Pure

Lip Balm Pure does not contain essential oils and is therefore suitable for the smell-sensitive person.
The properties of argan oil are moisturizing and skin regeneration. Shea butter with beeswax provides protection from the cold and keeps lips from cracking.

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